Airport Pick Up

Many parents and students worry about how they will get from the airport to school, open bank accounts and order cell phone plans.

Arriving in a new country can be strange and disconcerting and when you are doing it on your own and for the first time it can be even more worrying. Our student airport pickup service helps and gives parents the peace of mind that their child will arrive at school safely. Plus, as part of the service, we let the arriving student make a text message or short telephone call to their family to let them know that they have arrived safely.

We can arrange for you to be met and transported to your residence at most of the cities in Canada. Just contact us a week before you arrive and we arrange for you to be met in arrivals by one of our representatives. We will provide you with a welcome package and then take you to your residence and ensure that you and your luggage get to where you need to go. All of our drivers are professional, courteous and understand the needs of people arriving in Canada for the first time.

As part of our services, we will also make appointment with bank branches and cell phone providers on behalf of the newly arriving students so as to ensure the students are able to have their bank accounts and cell phone plans in an efficient manner. At the meantime, we also take students to shopping in the first few weeks as required.

Give us a call at 001.416.847.3911 or email us at, we will offer the decent package customized your needs.