Academic Tutoring

Whether you are having difficulty in a given subject, require assistance preparing for exams, or need a paper proof-read, our qualified tutors are here to help. Our tutorial service matches your request for academic assistance with a qualified teachers selected from our bank of private tutors. Our mission is to serve as a resource for CCISS students hoping to reinforce classroom learning and strengthen their academic performance.

For high school students, we specialize in providing one-to-one / personalized tutoring services for preparing future university and college students as well as students who plan on going into the workplace.

Our tutoring service was established on the belief that all individuals have the potential to succeed. Some individuals, however, may require more guidance and assistance to the path of success.

Our aim is to provide assistance to students who are encountering difficulties in school, in the areas of English, business, math and science.

We provide professional one-on-one tutoring services at your home in accordance with curriculums in different provinces. We are available 7 days a week with affordable and flexible prices.