Rondeau Park BBQ & Camping, Two Nights and Three Days

Posted Date: June 2, 2016 CCISS


BBQ, beach volleyball, canoeing,  games, campfire. Two nights. Capacity 46 persons. School bus commute. Bus onboard at Fairview Mall, North York, ON. Details to be sent upon registration.


Event Date   July 29-July 31, 2016 


Event Location   18050 Rondeau Park Road, Morpeth, ON N0P 1X0


Costs   C$ 280 plus tax for CCISS menbers, and C$350 plus tax for non-members, including round trip traffic, tents, foods; while fees for canoeing are excluded 


Registration    416. 847.3911,,  Wechat: MyCISS. 


Registration Deadline   June 28, 2016